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Teenage angst has paid off well; now I'm bored and old

"Last updated 14 weeks ago..."

"Last updated 14 weeks ago..."

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Hmm. I'm getting lazy.
So what has happened to me in the past 14 weeks?

-Loverface came up for two weeks in April...I miss him. =( I'm going down there for a while, not sure when I'm leaving...could be as early as late June, and staying until August. Yay vacation! Luckily my parents are going to throw some money my way because I'm broke. Really broke. It sucks.

-Only 6 more classes until the end of the semester! Aaaaand...I only have to go back in the fall and then I graduate...I get a degree. Holy shit. I'll have an associate's degree in Social Sciences, then I have to figure out where I'm going to go for spring to work on my B.A. in psych...any suggestions are welcome.

-I have too much iron in my blood! Yay! (/sarcasm) I had a blood test done when Loverface was here and now I have to see a hematologist (sp?) on Thursday, where I'll get more needles stuck into me, likely causing horrendous bruises! At least I'll finally find out for sure whether or not I'm anemic. As stupid as it sounds, I really hope I am, only because it would explain a lot and I can figure out what I should do.

There's a few other things but I really don't want to talk about them right now...and that's basically it!

See you in another 14 weeks! =P
  • College

    You should go to Fredonia.
    Because I make it awesome.
    And if it was you and me, then the levels of awesome would just cause the whole campus to explode (and then we'd get arrested for being too awesome).
    Actually, they have a good psych program here.
    And so does Jew B.
    Maybe you should just go to Fredonia because I miss you like mad!
    • Re: College

      She doesn't drink, so being at Fredonia is out of the question.
      • Re: College

        I'm an alcoholic and I seldom drink at school.
        I usually drink on the weekends when I come home.
        And how is drinking relevant to going to school?
        It's not.
        Some people at every school drink.
  • i miss your face... i remember singing Lenny Kravitz to you "When will I ever see you again?" but I didnt mean it... I promise... we need to hang out!!! :)
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