Teenage angst has paid off well; now I'm bored and old

There is nothing I could say that I haven't thought before

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Sentimentally Ill
11 February 1988
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bum...boom.mbs away...


I'm bipolar, bisexual, a writer, an artist wannabe, anxiety-ridden, slightly paranoid schizophrenic, I like to crochet, and I hate bald men.

That's pretty much all you need to know.

Oh, and I like to sing "Bohemian Rhapsody" really really loud.


                                                                                                                  viva la revolución.
adolf hitler, angry chick music, apple gum, attractive people, bad puns, being a danger, being perfectly harmless, being utterly counterproductive, bic lighters, bisexuality, black and white, black and white photography, black painted toenails, blasphemy, bleeding, bloody fucking monday, bohemian culture, british spellings, brutal beauty, cake, campainging against, canadian music, ceramic straighteners, chain-link fences, charades, cheap converse shoes, cold showers, colouring, conspiracy theories, cranially conjoined twins, crazy like a fox, crocheting, dancing in the rain, daria, dashboard jesus, death of french whores, drug addiction, dubya playing cards, elaborate façades, elevators, escalators, eva braun, extreme shopping, fetuses, flirtatious conflict, hair kids, has-beens, hermaphrodites, hiding from the world, hoping to be wrong, hypersensitivity, hypocrisy, ice cubes, immorality, immortality, inappropiate emotions, incense, internet prostitution, jesus christ, jezebel, judy garland, lemons, light-up exit signs, lovable lushes, love is a place, love of my life, lying to myself, m.c. escher, marcy playground, mental illness, mental institutions, midnight transgressions, miniskirts, my beastly kitty, my elaborate death wish, my extensive fantasy world, my inner monologue, my old-school nintendo system, nancy boys, nirvana, noir, obsessive-compulsive disorder, organized chaos, padded walls, pantomimes, peppermints, permanent marker scent, photoshopping like a fiend, pierced nipples, plucking my eyebrows, polly jean harvey, post-it notes, pretending i'm cool, pseudo-attractive people, rainbows, raw undeniable passion, ritual sacrifice, role reversals, salt and pepper shakers, salvador dalì, sand between my toes, self-betrayal, self-gratification, sepia-tinted photographs, serial killer stories, sewing scissors, shifty genitalia, smoke, soft blurred pictures, something free, something that isn't listed, spontaneity, staple removers, staying up too late, sticky tables, strange innuendos, super bon bons, the consistency of you, the macabre and gruesome, the unconventional, the virginal suicide, the wizard of oz, the word genitalia, thrift stores, trouble in paradise, uneasy feelings, velvet tongues, violence, violent blue/purple shades, washing away in milk, wasting time, whites of your eyes, whores, willy wonka's sex, xiu xiu, you've stopped reading this, your luscious mind

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